How is F.A.S.T. Athletics different than other programs like the Y and the Boys and Girls Club?

F.A.S.T. Athletics differs in the fact that our coaches are college athletes or former athletes that have passed our training program. Coaches arrive with their own equipment and curriculum. F.A.S.T. Athletics also offers unique games, sports, and programs that other after school providers do not offer.

How long does a F.A.S.T. Athletics program run for?

A typical F.A.S.T. Athletics program runs for one hour a day, once a week for 8 weeks. However, the programs can run for more then 8 weeks as well as less then 8 weeks, depending on the gym/field availability.

What programs can F.A.S.T. Athletics offer for your child?

F.A.S.T. Athletics offers a wide range of athletic programs, including: baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, dodgeball, floor hockey, flag football, mat ball, pilo polo, sports conditioning, gaga ball, super sports, ultimate sports, archery and numerous PrK programs

How many programs can be run in each school?

Depending on the availability of the gym and fields you can register for as many programs as you see fit or deem necessary. Most schools offer at least two programs, one for the younger grades and one for the older.

How do we know that the coaches at F.A.S.T. Athletics are qualified?

Each coach undergoes a training program that incorporates the essential techniques needed to execute the programs from start to finish. In addition, each coach must undergo a background check before being hired.

If our school has existing programs, can we still participate in F.A.S.T. Athletics?

Yes, as long as your school has the facilities readily available F.A.S.T. can provide an after school program. All that is needed is one hour of gym or field space per week.

What else does F.A.S.T. Athletics offer besides after school programs?

In addition to our after school programs, we can offer school vacation programs, weekend programs, and summer programs as well.

What benefits does F.A.S.T. Athletics have for my child?

Proper exercise will help decrease the chances of obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and will help lower blood pressure. Most importantly, our programs are a great place for your son or daughter to come have fun in safe environment.